Hello! I'm allegra.

To put it simply, this site is a place for me to share what I love. A lot of that love is for food: recipes, photos, gatherings and stories about it. I also share some of my adventures, my minimal yet ambitious insights into life and some personal anecdotes. 

I am currently working on a continuing studies culinary diploma at George Brown Collage in Toronto. Aside from this course, I have taught myself most of what I know about food, cooking and photography with a lot of help from youtube, cookbooks and food blogs. 


Some things about me....

I have a problematic sweet tooth (and am slightly addicted to dark chocolate)

I love to read - I'm currently reading this

I'm in my fourth year of university 

I hate mushrooms (sorry sorry)

I have 3 adorable cats and a nervous but sweethearted pup


Thanks for stopping by and feel free to say hi via the contact page of this site, I'd love to hear from you!